How do you see the world

This question is meant to be taken literally and does not have any deeper meaning whatsoever.

Whenever I am using my eyes to see, even if there is literately no object to look at (all I see is basically just one solid color for my whole field of view), I still see lots of tiny dots of color. They are REAALLLY small, literally innumerable, and are made of a few main colors: red, green, blue, black, and white. I call them pixels as that’s what they look like. Despite that fact that I always see them, I still am able to see things in detail, even at a good of a distance. (10/25/16 I haved noticed that I am somehow able to see jets infront of their contrails even when they are 50-150ish miles away. Why is my vision so good?!?!? *slightly cowers in fear* Yes, I know that is something I should be proud of, especially when most of the people in my family wear glasses, but fuck off!! It was only 30-40mi a couple of weeks ago. it probably helps that i spend a lot of time plane watching, though, so I know where and what to be looking for in terms of size of plane at relative distances. ) The reason for that is that I don’t focus on the dots most of the time and just ignore them. Aand sometimes forget that they exist. Whenever I DO remember their existence, however, I am able to sacrifice some clarity of my normal vision and see the pixels more easily. My eyes also stop focusing and  my entire vision has the level of detail that is seen through peripheral vision. Because of that, it also becomes easier to see movement and see things like a line of spread out ants. It takes me about half a second to switch between the two modes of viewing, and quite a few seconds after switching from dot view to normal view for my vision to return completely to normal. So, why am I making this my first actual post on WordPress? I have no clue. ( ´•౪•`)


Well, if you feeling wasting your time, then say in the comments how  YOU physically see the world.

Edit 2-10-17: Well, I finally decided to stop being lazy and do this. This phenomenon has an actual name, and it is “visual snow.”